Don't be a Convention Creeper

Don’t Be a Convention Creeper

Watch the video to make sure you’re not a “Convention Creeper”.

See also Comic Con Tips and Salt Lake Comic Con FAQ.

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  1. shnar says:

    Hehe, the video is worth watching just to see the subtitles. I assume they were ‘auto generated’ from a voice recognition app? Because not all the words are matching up.

    For example, “Try to take her cue from her” was subtitled as “Try to take Yuki from her”

    And my favorite, “If a girl turns her back on you, tries to end the conversation, or walks away from you” was subtitled as “Infedel ten setback on you tries to and the conversation all walks away from you”

    Nice vid though, and a fantastic costume 😉

  2. Francisco Frank Vazquez III says:

    That was a funny video. I’ll be on my best behavior. A mantra while at the pool that fits to help keep us guys out of trouble: “Just because a lady wears a bikini doesn’t mean you can stare at her bikini.” Treat her like and lady cuz we don’t want to cause this be our first and last comic con.

  3. Jimmy T says:

    Wow, condescending *and* insulting! But, it’s okay guys! She’s a girl! Lighten up and get a sense of humor, amirite?


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