Comic Con Tips for Salt Lake Comic Con


Tips for FanXperience 2016 – March 24-26

The great big world of comic con can seem a bit overwhelming – even to a seasoned con attendee.  So many things to see, people to meet, autographs to get, and pictures to pose for can leave the most educated scratching their head wondering, “What do I do next?”. In order to help along in your stellar journey at FanXperience, we are offering some tips and advice.

Have a meeting place for friends and family BEFORE you separate.

Hey, we understand that the excitement is so overwhelming that it is easy to ride like the wind and scatter once you see your first set of stormtroopers, but having a location backup plan to meet your loved ones ensures everyone is accounted for later.

Waiting in lines patiently is much appreciated by all fanboys and fangirls alike.

The last thing we know you want to hear is “NO CUTS” screamed from behind you. After all, a little time in line gives you a chance to meet someone new and discuss all the gaming tips you missed.

Starving is not recommended and “hydration” is not the name of a planet!

Eat breakfast before you attend the con. We know we sound like your mother, but seriously the only fainting we want anyone doing is when Norman Reedus addresses you by name! Water, water, water! Keep it flowing.

Food courts are available at the expo with a flotilla of food trucks outside!

Say cheese!

Taking pictures are one of the best activities at comic con.  When you walk in the door and see Superman, Captain America, and a Cyborg all standing next to each other you know this opportunity may never happen again! When taking pictures be courteous and aware of others around you while on the showroom floor or at the celebrity booths.  Waiting for the perfect picture can cause the pesky lines to be longer than needed and an all out traffic collision in the walkways.  So, be quick, be happy, and smile.

Our Cosplay Meet-Ups are highly recommended! Check the schedule to see when your fandom will be lining up together.

Ah yes… the comic con hygiene talk…

March can be warm in Utah and tens of  thousands of your peers will be enjoying the days of pop culture bliss.  Did you pick up on the tens of thousands?  Deodorant is your best friend. Remember when you are in line – you will want to make a good impression! And have some breath mints. When getting that celebrity photo op, the last thing you want is your celebrity crush looking around for that “funny smell”.

The golden wristband of life!

Well ok, it’s not exactly golden – but your RFID wristband for your admission is your lifeline to all things comic con.  Not only will you need it to get through doors but you will also need it for some of the festive events happening outside the Expo or after hours. Don’t forget to activate your wristband!

Stop! Panel time!

The panels are a very popular event happening at comic con.  First time attendees may be let down when they mosey over to the panel room only to find that it filled up half an hour before.  Panels have limited seating, but HUGE rewards so plan out your panel schedule and arrive at LEAST 30-45 min before it begins to secure your spot. If you are a VIP/Gold/Multipass holder, you can also use our ZipQ System to reserve yourself a spot in the panel!

Wear comfortable shoes!

Standing and walking will be the name of the game at comic con.  Comfortable shoes equal happy feet and happy feet equal a good time (plus more mileage for the next day.)

Bring your chunk of change!

ATM’s will be available throughout the show room floor and many booths and artist are now taking credit cards – however there is nothing like stone cold hard cash! Plus it is one less line you have to wait in.

Cosplay congeniality

Cosplayers make the comic con world go round! How would you ever see a walking Tardis or an adult size Finn if it was not for those amazing costume creators?  If you see a costume and love it – tell them.  Chances are they worked hard with blood sweat and tears to have it done on time.  They will appreciate your approval. Make sure to read our Cosplay Rules and Harassment Policy as well.

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  1. melissa m says:

    thank you for posting this! most i consider common sense but i appreciate any and all advice as this will be my first comic con. i am so excited its pretty much all i can talk about! september can not get here fast enough!!!

  2. Kirk says:

    You left out the part about asking for permission before taking pictures of the cosplayers. Yes they put a lot of effort into them and they want to show them off, but it is still polite to ask and not to be taking creepy photos.

  3. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Thank you Kirk for bringing up this detail. You are correct, asking before pictures is a fantastic courtesy. Cosplay is an amazing part of pop culture!

  4. Lindsay Stock says:

    My kids, daughters Maddie 16yrs and Sophie 6yrs and my son, Isaac 8yrs old have been planning their cosplay outfits for months! They are sooo excited to go!!!! Now all I have to do is win a pass LOL! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  5. julie says:

    this is my first comic con so this might be a stupid question, but what is the protocol for taking pics of celebs?

  6. Marrin says:

    I am so excited! I also love that these PSA’s make me want to read them. Yes, the only fainting that should be happening is when you meet Shatner. I may turn to a puddle of goo. My friends will have to peel me off the con floor.

  7. Brittany E says:

    So will we get a new wristband each day or are we supposed to be wearing the same one all three days. Because I am planning on costuming and I can only imagine the stink of that 1 wristband?

  8. Kelsey says:

    I’m really hoping I’ll be able to go to this! I’ve never been to a comic con before and it’s on my bucket list!

  9. Kody Ortega says:

    Is glucose tablets ok to bring in? I see no outside food allow inside but wondering about glucose tablets. I am diabetic and just wondering because I don’t want my blood sugar to drop while I wait in lines when I am in lines.

  10. Dregan Varokin says:

    So to clarify, since it seems the posting has changed, are ‘snacks allowed’? I understand that you do not want people coming in with outside food, coolers and what have you but what about snacks, granola bars, goldfish crackers, suckers, fruit snacks, etc. I mean I will be bringing three little girls 5, 3 and 1. Things will be much better for everyone if I can have some snacks (which is outside food) to the con for distractions. Running off tithe food court for a $5 churro and $3 bottled water is not going to work for parents bringing childeren. Stop the behavior before it becomes a complete meltdown. Anyway batgirl, super girl and wonder women are very excited. It will be batgirls birthday if anyone notices… ;o)

  11. Zach says:

    Are backpacks allowed inside the con? I’m a bit worried about how to transport stuff all day but can’t find any rules concerning backpacks.

  12. Shaun says:

    I am curious about this as well and if bottles for water, such as a nalgene or camelbak bottles are allowed. I am glad I keep looking at this because I was planning on bringing in some snacks since that was recommended earlier.

  13. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    We leave this up to the guest. For most comic book creators and book authors, they typically allow fans to take photos with them at their booths. It is polite and respectful to ask prior to taking a photo. Please do not take ‘random’ photos of celebrities in celebrity row without their permission.

  14. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Please do not take ‘random’ photos of celebrities in celebrity row without their permission.

  15. Nick says:

    I bought my friend a ticket, and I was wondering if I could register his ticket for him when I go to do mine? (I saw this was possible for families, but wasn’t sure if this also applied to non-family members.)

  16. Travis says:

    Shat about special diets. My family is unable to eat gluten kind, frankly, I don’t I trust the convention staff to care if they make me kpexceedingly ill. I don’t have a problem with drinks; water is water, but food deppfrom places like this scares the hell out of me.

  17. Kristy says:

    I can’t eat gluten either… Telling people they can’t bring food is like telling them they can’t go to the bathroom. I can’t eat the stuff they are serving at the convention center, and will pass out from low blood sugar if I can’t eat. I also have 3 kids coming that have specific dietary things they can’t eat. Most of the food served at these places is loaded with chemicals, fillers, nitrites, sugar, etc They just assume 30,000 people will all eat that junk and conform.

  18. Amber B says:

    Are reusable water bottles okay to bring in filled? Or are there drinking fountains around to fill an empty water bottle?

  19. Shellee says:

    So, this will be my first time going to a comic con. I was reading through these questions and had one of my own. The price to get an autograph from a favorite actor is probably still going to be in that $35-75 range right? I was wondering though, does it cost a lot or at all to get an autograph from any authors/artists that might be there at the comic con this year? Also if I were to bring a camera, is a specific kind that is prohibited? I’m only asking this because i had a previous experience where I had brought a more professional camera to an event and they wouldn’t let me use it. I just don’t want to have a repeat of that experience ever again.

  20. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Generally authors and artists do not charge for autographs, but some do. We leave that up to each guest. All cameras are allowed, as long as you are mindful and respectful in how you photograph. If you are not, you will be asked to stop shooting.

  21. Geneva says:

    i don”t see where it tells you what is included in your ticket purchase. what is the benefit of buying a VIP over a regular ticket?

  22. Jenn says:

    If I purchase a three day multipass, can I use it for Friday and Saturday only, or do I need to purchase separate daily tickets?

  23. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    You may use it for Friday and Saturday only. No need to purchase individual day tickets if you’ve purchased a multipass.

  24. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    No, you do not need a VIP pass to meet the guests. All the guests will be on the exhibit floor at their booths. As long as you have a ticket to the event you can wait in their lines to meet them, please note, that at the request of some of the guests and their agents you may need to purchase an autograph to meet them, but this is not the case for all of them.

  25. Christina says:

    This will be my first Comic Con ever and I am slightly confused reading through all of these. So you don’t stand in line to get photo’s with the celebrities? Only the authors allow pictures? I see all of these people coming and I guess I am just confused on how you go about meeting them and getting a picture. And how many people can you really meet in those three days? I heard the lines get long. Thanks!

  26. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    To answer your question, you will be able to meet the guests, as they will all have booths out on the floor. May I point out, however, that some guests may require that you purchase an autograph to meet them, but this is completely up to the guest and their agent. Also, as far as photo ops go, some guests may allow you to take a picture with your cell phone or personal camera at their booths, though they may charge for this. There will be an option to purchase a professional photo op with the guest, the benefit to this is that you will get a collectible 8×10 print within seconds of taking the picture with them. You can purchase Photo Ops here –

  27. Jeremey says:

    First time going. Do all of the guess charge for autographs? And for the ones that do where do we find the prices before we get there so we can plan in advance for the fees? Thanks

  28. Tanell D says:

    If we want to leave, go get food and come back (because we eat clean out of choice, not medical need) is that going to be horribly inconvinient? I assume I won’t be able to get a fresh avocado and gluten free pita at the con. Lol. I’ll eat junk if I have to, but I will probably be super sick. 😛

  29. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    You will receive a wristband when you register. Guests are free to leave and re-enter at any time. You can re-enter the convention by showing your wristband at the door.

  30. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    You can take a picture with most celebrities at their Autograph booth on Celebrity Row with your own camera. You will need their permission to take their picture and most ask for a small fee. Some even welcome free meet and greets, but it is best to check with their attendant.

  31. Daniel says:

    I don’t see that there’s a list on the website of who will require an autograph or signature purchase in order to meet them. Is there a good, or recommended, way to find out without waiting in line and then feeling like an idiot and awkward when you find out you don’t have the means to meat the celeb?

  32. Colby says:

    Will you still be able to simply wait in line to meet the celebrities like last years comic con or is it only photo ops now?

  33. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    For the most part the celebrities will happily sign items you bring, though there can occasionally be exceptions. Each celebrity booth will have a posted schedule and an attendant who can answer your questions about the particular celebrity.

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