Comic Con Cosplay Classes at The Leonardo



Class 1: Upcycling in Costume Creation (June 11 – COMPLETED)

Class 2: Adding Light to Cosplay (July 16 – COMPLETED)

Class 3: Working With Worbla

Date and Time: August 13, 2014 from 6pm-9pm

Location: The Leonardo (209 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111)

Price: $15-30

For everybody that ran around the house as a kid pretending to be a superhero, Salt Lake Comic Con has a new way to not only act the part, but to look the part as well. Salt Lake Comic Con and The Leonardo are partnering to co-sponsor a series of monthly Cosplay Do-It-Yourself Workshops to teach fans how to build their own costumes.



Working With Worbla

The goal of this 3 hour hands-on workshop is to introduce students to how Worbla, a thermoplastic material, is handled and used in a creative, cosplay-specific manner. The class will demonstrate pattern making, safe handling of tools and materials, and assembly of an arm cuff. Students will be given enough materials to build the demonstrated piece, and decorate or embellish it.

Students are welcome to bring their own Worbla if they are working on a project that requires a larger piece. We will provide needed materials, but we suggest bringing:

  • Heat Gun (If you plan on working with Worbla in the future, a heat gun is an absolute necessity. We will have some to share, but buying one beforehand is a great option. We will also have our heat guns available for purchase at a discount after the class.)
  • Sketch Pad and pencil
  • Ideas! What sort of cuff or bracelet are you looking to make? Bold? Swirly? Pre-planning goes a long way.
  • Thin cotton dish towel or long sleeve shirt, or tolerance to heat. Worbla can get pretty warm on bare skin.

A Word of Warning:

We are working with heat and scissors next to skin. Burns and cuts may occur if not careful. Salt Lake Comic Con, The Leonardo, or anyone involved in putting on this event are not liable for any injuries incurred. The minimum age for this class is 16 years old.








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13 Responses to “Comic Con Cosplay Classes”

  1. Belinda Christie says : Reply

    So for the scholarship is that just for a single class or all of the classes that will be offered?

  2. Scott H. says : Reply

    Definitely interested. Definitely want to support this so it keeps going.

  3. Felicia says : Reply

    I would love to go, just wish it wasn’t so expensive :/

  4. Helen Allred says : Reply

    Tried to submit scholarship application but kept recieving error.

  5. Kayla Lindberg says : Reply

    Is Kamui cosplay going to be there, or is it just her picture being used on the ad?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      As of right now it is just an image that we are using, however, we will continue announcing guests up until the week of the event, so please, stay tuned to our social media sites and our websites for the most up to date information on what’s to come in September.

  6. Karalynn Rowley says : Reply

    I have a friend that really wants to go to this class, but works. If we bought a ticket for her and me, could I bring a camcorder to record to class for her and her only?

  7. Amanda bird says : Reply

    My husband wants to come with me to watch me make this project, he doesn’t want to do one of his own, does he need to buy a ticket? Thanks;)

  8. newell says : Reply

    Why is it there is no option for the Leonardo classes. I would like to go but I tried on my computer, tablet n phone. There is no option listed to buy a ticket

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