Comic Con Cosplay Classes at The Leonardo

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Cosplay Class
at The Leonardo – October 17, 2014

The arrival of fall brings with it many exciting things: cooler weather, haunted houses and a new batch of Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Classes! Our first fall cosplay class will be held on October 17 at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. The course will run from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. and, along with several awesome workshops, will also include time for mingling and light appetizers. Come learn new makeup techniques with Fear Factory artist Ash Sweetring, perfect your pirate outfit with Jen McGrew, turn everyday objects into creative costumes with Justina Parsons-Bernstein and discover the art of princess cosplay while working on dresses and crowns with Melissa Spencer. Tickets are $20 per person and space is limited, so secure your spot now!


Class Schedule:

6pm-6:15pm: Mingling and Food in the Auditorium Lobby
6:15pm-6:30pm: Introduction in the Auditorium
6:30pm-7:00pm: Workshop (1)
7:00pm-7:30pm: Workshop (2)
7:30pm-8:00pm: Workshop (3)
8:00pm-8:30pm: Workshop (4)
8:30pm-9:00pm: Workshop (5)


Cosplay Workshops:

Tips and Techniques for Cardboard in Props and Weapons

Production designer and props expert Hraefn (pronounced “Raven”) Wulfson shares some of the processes for creating elaborate, realistic props using cardboard, paper, wood glue and woodfiller putty.

Bringing Out Your Inner Zombie with Barbra Mikkelsen

Tips and effects for spooky fun with Barbra, veteran hair and makeup stylist. Whether for your party, trick-or-treating or scaring your mom, you’ll enjoy these tricks.

Spooktacular Faces with Amanda Kay Carrington

Fear Factory makeup artist Amanda Kay Carrington demonstrates scary makeup you’ll want to try.

Top-Notch Hat Tricorning from Jennifer McGrew

Tips and techniques from Jennifer McGrew for tricorning (yes it’s a verb) your own hat into high pirate or steampunk style. We’ll be randomly giving away a few hats you to tricorn, garnish and wear. We’ll cover some basics, too, about hat-blocking, forming and reshaping your hats to use for different looks. A few slides, a handout and some hands-on action. Jump in or just watch.

Nonprofit Info from SewMuchHope

A representative from Sewmuchhope will bring information and a sample of their work. SMH specializes in retrofitting side-mount motorized machines with customized hand crank mechanisms, so the machines can be used in areas without electricity! This organization sponsors microbusiness in Africa and gets machines into the hands of those in rural areas and in need of economic opportunity. You’ll be amazed at this democratization of technology and maybe in your own basement or garage, your family has a machine that can be retrofitted, too!

Perennial Pirate Favorites from Davey Stevenson

Tips and techniques for leatherwork, handstitching, layout and design for pirate eye patches and accessories from Salt Lake Pride Center’s Communication Director, Davey Stevenson.

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Cosplay Class Halloween21Evermore Park is sponsoring
Halloween Cosplay Class Scholarships!

Evermore Park is offering Cosplay Class Scholarships to 25 lucky fans who have fallen on hard times. Evermore Park and Salt Lake Comic Con realize that times are tough and want to offer the great people of the Utah area a chance to participate in our awesome class no matter their circumstances.

Please comment below and tell us why you think you should be the recipient of our Cosplay Class Scholarship:

39 Responses to “Comic Con Cosplay Classes”

  1. Natasha Leedom says : Reply

    I took a theater makeup class at the university of Utah and loved it. I have helped friends with Halloween makeup. Besides the makeup is the costumes and princess prep, I would be overjoyed and gratefully thankful to receive the Halloween cosplay scholarship. This would help me when I apply to work at Disney Land, because I will show them I know what it takes to princess prep, do makeup and make a costume!

  2. John Morris says : Reply

    I haven’t had a job for 4 months. But I love to do cosplay and would love to learn how to do more. Maybe I can turn it into a new job.

  3. Cassy estrada says : Reply

    I was a VIP pass holder and I really want to get in to cosplaying but don’t know how and would love to learn

  4. Stefan says : Reply

    So long have my mediocre costume attemps been praised with comments of “wow, that’s amazing” and “good job.” When inside I knew that they were just saying it to make me feel better about myself.

    My current endeavor is a titan from the new game Destiny. And this time I want to actually earn those compliments. I want people to ask to take pictures with me.
    Just know that if you choose me, I’ll use what I learn and make a great cosplay.

  5. I am a n00b cosplayer but so eager to learn and pursue it! I’m a student at university and will soon be a starving artist– I mean, starving writer. My work is in fantasy! I love it and would love to explore it in a new way!

  6. Michelle Colburn says : Reply

    I’ve attended both Fan-X and Comic Con (VIP for both), and I should get a scholarship because I’m an 8th grade teacher and I can share what I learn with my students, many of whom are avid fans.

  7. I’m a very beginner cosplay er whose greatest adventure to date is Dolores Umbridge. I have lots of ideas, but need actual tips and training.

  8. I would love to attend this event and win a scholarship. I love crafting and cosplay, so I am always fascinated with what materials they use and how they accomplished it. I do graphic design, but there’s something about creating a tangible object you can wear and be proud of. These classes would really help introduce and inspire me.


  9. Amanda Bishop says : Reply

    Why me? Fangirl. Superhero nerd. Movie addict. Uber-geek. Why NOT me? I write fantastical stories and fanfiction all the time. Marvel and DC are my other religion. I ship people, I draw my ships, and I an desperately in love with genderbend. Sadly, I’m poor and I have low self-esteem and I don’t have the first idea about cosplay! I want to learn to do something great, so I can become not just my own favorite characters, but everyone else’s favorite characters too. So, y’know…if ya chose me I’d love ya forever.

  10. I would like to apply for 2 places in your Cosplay classes, please!
    My 15 year old grand daughter & myself would really like very much to attend. But I am on Social Security (they don’t pay enough for entertainment or classes). And my grand daughter’s parents are working 5 to 6 days a week 10 to 12 hours a day just to be able to pay their bills. So they can’t afford these kinds of treats.
    We both live in Magna, so you can see that we live conserativly, were not rich people. But, we do like to have fun, dress up in costumes & fur suits. And we some times even sell some of the things that we wear on consigment to people who see us all dressed up and want what we have made for our selves.
    Thank you for your time and considerations!
    Christine Fitzgerald

  11. I am a quick study and I have creativity flowing from every inch of my person. I want to learn some techniques to help turn my armature skills into those that mimic the pros. I love fantasy of all types and I have always been a strong advocate that encourages kids and adults to express their inner Princess or Pirate.
    If I am selected I will pass along the skills I learn to help transform some littles in my neighborhood into their fantasy character for Halloween. I have been making some costumes for these kids that lack parental support and funds and just don’t have the money to attend a workshop right now. I have been using the extra pennies for their costumes. I would love to be able to make these kids look amazing and more importantly feel the fantasy.
    If selected your selection will not end with one student in class I will pass along my new skills with others.

  12. Ryan Degrazio says : Reply

    I am interested in learning how to use my talents in a really unique creative way. This class sounds like just what I am looking for. I would love to be one of the 25 selected to get a scholarship. I don’t have any extra money but would be a good candidate.

  13. aimee kump says : Reply

    I am nominating my daughter, paislee, for the scholarship because she lives doing theatre makeup and costumes and is getting really good. She has mostly taught herself and I have wanted to enroll her in a class but haven’t been able to afford it. I got diagnosed with cancer a month ago and she has been so helpful! I have been wanting to do something special for her to get her mind off of the situation and this would be absolutely perfect!

  14. Alexander Fullmer says : Reply

    I would love to go to this workshop so that I can improve on my existing design. Unfortunately I am a recent college graduate without sufficient income and wouldn’t be able to attend this workshop unless I received a Cosplay Class Scholarship. Attached is a link to a photo of a costume that I made last Halloween:

    Again, I would love to be able to learn how to improve my designs!

  15. I’d love a scholarship.

  16. Emiko itamura says : Reply

    I think I should be chosen because I have always loved cosplay, and I mostly got the clothes part down but I’m missing makeup skills!

  17. Saria Hansen says : Reply

    I think i should get the scholarship because I am a hard worker and want to attend college, but I’m unable to because I cannot afford to pay for it. I want to help people by going into the medical field. I want to save peoples lives and the only way to do that is to go to college. I can’t help people the way i want to working a minimum wage job.

  18. Liz Beckwith says : Reply

    I love cosplaying and I would love the chance to learn techniques to do it better! Unfortunately, my husband’s hours at work were cut drastically for most of the year and we are barely able to support our family right now, much less spend money for me to go to this workshop. If I were granted a scholarship, I wouldn’t have to choose between feeding my kids and improving my craft, which would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. I should be scholarship’ed because I am new, but zealous about cosplay. I started a website all about it, and hope to start a business centered around cosplay and costume creation in a few years.

  20. And i was a VIP at the last comic con

  21. Joy Peterson says : Reply

    I would love a scholarship, because I love cosplay! Even though I’ve only made a handful of costumes so far, I’ve been bit by the cosplay bug, and my goal is to have a different costume to wear for each day of FanX. I won 3rd place in the beginner category of the cosplay contest at ComicCon in 2013, but now that I have to compete in the intermediate category, I realize that I need to “up my game.” I’d love to learn some advanced techniques in order to be more competitive. Plus, I’m SO excited about Evermore Park, and would love to learn how to make a Victorian costume to wear specifically at the park, specifically how to do leatherwork. Please consider me for a scholarship!

  22. Richard Brown says : Reply

    My 14 year old daughter wants to do professional special effects makeup and the class would be helpful in getting her toward her goal.

  23. Lexus Merrill says : Reply

    I love cosplay and dressing up! My family and I are frequently attending conventions but it has become much more difficult for me to go because of college classes, homework, and working to pay for college. I want to be able to attend more conventions and to be able to create more costumes and to do so I need to be in the least amount of debt during college.

  24. Tanner says : Reply

    i have always found the concept of Halloween enticing, an escape from me. but cosplay is my year round exception to halloween, and i will admit i need these classes, my cosplay frankly sucks.

  25. Im fairly new to cosplay, and i know most of the basics, but i would absolutely love to learn much more from the professionals at these classes

  26. Jen Ng says : Reply

    I am so brand new to cosplay and not even sure where to start! I would love to attend these workshops and a scholarship would be fantastic!

  27. Misty Dawn says : Reply


    I am commenting today in hopes of winning a scholarship spot for my husband Jeremy. He is a fabulous husband and father who works incredibly hard to take care of us. Since we are a family of five, finding funds for things like this is hard to do. Jeremy has been doing cosplay and special effects since he was a tween and it truly is his passion. This opportunity would mean the world to him. He would be able to meet others who share his passion, learn new techniques, and practice his skills. I guarantee that if you select him, he will be an outstanding participant, full of ideas and easy to instruct.

  28. Tilli Buchanan says : Reply

    I’m quite new to costuming but I’ve always been a fan of what people can create. I’d like to learn how to incorporate more “green” materials into my makes. Recently I’ve become infatuated with cardboard. It’s so versatile and can be made into anything. It is light weight and requires very few special tools. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend your classes.

  29. Claudia Corona says : Reply

    I am a 41 years old mom of 2 kids, daughter 20 and my son 12, my daughter Maria is the one she introduce me to the Cosplay world 4 years ago, we created our costume Sailor Moon, then Assassin’s Creed, steam punk, cat woman, etc, etc. etc. I have a really good time with my kids doing this costumes, pinching my fingers with the needles, to learn how to use the sewing machine, burning my skin with hot glue, and it is a pleasure to be with my kids creating these nice memories, that’s why I would like to get the scholarship, to learn more ideas to create awesome costumes and have my kids in a good environment at home with family not on the streets who know where. Thank you very much. Claudia Corona

  30. I would be so grateful for a scholarship to the cosplay class!!! I’m a stay at home mom and absolutely love cosplay! I would love to be able to go to this to learn how to cosplay and to do it well!!!!!!!!!

  31. Tracy Schroeder says : Reply

    I am putting my wife’s information in for this scholarship. When I married this wonderful women she knew nothing about comic cons and cosplay. This last comic con she did her first cosplay costume. She was the steam punk maleficent. She is now hooked and would love to learn how to create everything from scratch. I cannot afford to send her to these classes since I am still paying for what we did during comic con. This would make her year if you could pull this off for her.

  32. Carly Rae Christensen says : Reply

    Four years ago, my father got heavily involved with prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol. My solid lifestyle took a turn for the worse. After falling $18,000 in debt in attorney costs alone, my mother and I were forced to move from our 1/2 acre home into a much smaller living area. Even then, our rent is still too much to afford.
    As of this year, I have started attending the University of Utah. Tuition for this year is just over $7,000, which is money that neither my mom nor I have. We have had to scrape up whatever money we can from our inadequate paychecks and, unfortunately, my grandparents.
    In those four years, my father has failed to show up to court, gotten a few DUIs, and failed to pay even one centin child support. This is the cause for multiple arrest warrants. In those four years, multiple debt collectors have relentlessly chased my mother for my father’s bills she’d never seen before. Our biggest threat right now is Zions Bank, hounding my mother for $30,000 for credit cards my father has opened.
    Despite the tumultuous turns my life has taken, one of the things that stayed solidly under me is cosplay. My circumstances haven’t hindered my zeal for cosplay, considering this is my 6th year of cosplay. With cosplay, I can let my creativity flow and figure out different methods to piecing together the puzzle of my cosplay.
    Although cosplay is a costly hobby, I have found the little funds needed and batch of time to piece together the project I’m working on. I feel I deserve this scholarship because I have sacrificed funds I could use toward college, per say, to further this hobby. Cosplay has been one of the main patches of solid ground under my feet and has given me light in the darkness of my family circumstances.

  33. Britney Suddarth says : Reply

    I would love a scholarship to the Halloween Cosplay Class. I recently got into making my own costumes, so I would love to get some expert knowledge. :)

  34. Cindy Wilson says : Reply

    My son is HUGE into Cosplay but on his limited income, and MINE, it’s just so expensive to buy stuff online. So learning how to do his own costumes would help immensely! I have actually helped him sew some stuff but what he does is more complicated than my skills allow! So I would love to learn how to do this for him! And for ME too! I LOVE dressing up for Halloween…I’m trying to add more ‘stuff’ to my Medusa outfit for this year…gotta figure out the shoe thing…
    thanks so much for considering me and my son! He’s such a HUGE Comic Con fan…

  35. Amy says : Reply

    Doing a Mistborn cloak for comic con last year was my first foray into cosplay and it was so much fun, I’d love to do more, but my knowledge of sewing and leather crafts is practically nil since I didn’t know I could do cool stuff like fantasy costumes when I was kid. Now that I’ve figured out a way to make sewing fun, I’m ready to learn everything I can!

  36. Nathan Jaynes says : Reply

    I had so much fun with my kids during Comic Con. It renewed my interest in comicbooks and the entire genre. I’d love to learn how to make my own cosplay costume so I can share the information with my kids and participate in all the fun. Thanks for the opportunity, I hope I win.

  37. Cassidy Johnson says : Reply

    I would love to attend these things, but I don’t find out in time. I am following the Leonardo and SL Comic Con on Social networks, I have the “get notifications” box marked…. and yet I never read about these events until 2-3 days before they occur… Is there any way to find out further in advance? I would love it if you guys sent out newsletters with schedules 2-4 weeks ahead of when something takes place. Thanks.

  38. Luana McTiernan says : Reply

    Aah! Tomorrow will be my “half” birthday, and it’d be so nice to take a trax trip after work down to The Leonardo for an evening of dress up FUN!! ^ .^ I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for FanX and Comic con 2014, and simply adored seeing everyone’s amazing work-of-arts that were their cosplays — I would love to gain some skills and the know-how to create my own personal cosplays from scratch one day, and since this class is Halloween-themed, it’d be especially cool because it might help me decide exactly WHAT I’d like to be for Halloween this year! :P
    I had some help from The Fear Factory booth at Comic Con this year with touching-up my zombie prosthetics and I looked GORE-TASTIC, so if I’m able to receive a Cosplay Class Scholarship I’m so looking forward to that course! xD

  39. Alice Goodsell says : Reply

    I am studying fashion design and I am considering pursuing a career in costume design and I am always looking for new ways to learn how to make things and expand my knowledge and skills that will get me a job/business I know I will do well in. Receiving a scholarship for these classes will a great honor and they also sound like they would be a lot of fun.

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