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PrintSalt Lake Comic Con is currently looking to team up with bloggers for an upcoming project. Applicants must have an active blog and be active on social media sites.

Fill out the form below to apply, and let us know what topics you’d like to write about for Salt Lake Comic Con fans. Applications are due on Friday, June 27 at 5pm. Participating bloggers will be compensated for their time.



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  1. Robert Pete says:

    I don’t have website. But I’m breaking into blogging. One has to start somewhere.

  2. Stephanie Swint says:

    I wrote two separate articles on the Salt Lake Fan Experience. One regarding fan culture and one on a standout author and artist. My blog focuses on science fiction and fantasy books but does not limit there. I love the comparison from literature to other media formats. What I would like to wrote about I’d specifically about geek culture becoming mainstream as the geek grows up and opens the door to children. It is a realm where the underdog grows the ability to overcome and has increased diversity for women and various ethnicities. Comic Con is a story of diversity being realised.

  3. Tina Hatch says:

    I would LOVE to blog about any topics SLCC throws my way. Although my blog has a low number of followers, I have over 1500 followers on Twitter (@tinayhatch) and hundreds on Facebook. I also have a good number of followers in the fanfiction world – a great place for all fandoms. When I post a link to a new blog I receive hundreds of hits.

    My blog focuses on writing, and with all of the writing panels at ComicCon, I’m sure there are writing topics to discuss – maybe a review of authors who will be joining us! I blogged about my experience at FanX, where I sat on a panel about fanfiction. It would be fun to write about how sci-fi and comic book characters shaped my childhood, and many others. I believe my blog is well-written, and with my past experience in journalism i can write about any topic you request. I can also conduct an interview, if necessary.

    I would truly appreciate any opportunity to be involved in ComicCon again. Writing for you would be a bonus. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for the including local bloggers in the Con.


  4. Michael Corbett says:

    I am active on sites, I use facebook, twitter, instagram and google+. I love all things social and my job is in marketing. I am excited to work with comic con in any way.

  5. Josh Huntsman says:

    Hi there. My name is Josh. I live in Payson with by wife Beth, who is a burgeoning cosplayer; my baby son Sherlock, who loves to chew on things and point out logical fallacies; and my dog Zelda who lives in a TARDIS.
    For years I had a successful weekly column for The Spectrum- Southern Utah’s main news source. The title was “Nerd’s Eye View.” I had to fight to have a column that focused on video games, anime, cosplay, science fiction, fantasy, D&D and other nerdy things in a newspaper that had a readership average age of the mid 65, but I proved that nerdiness knows no bounds and was the most popular column- even more than the sports guys. I even covered last year’s Comic Con International to blog/ photograph for them. .
    Having moved on from newspapers, I now run my own “Nerd’s Eye View” blog (I could keep the name but not the columns). I average a post a week and have a growing readership since I started my own thing in October. I am active on Facebook, Twitter and just signed up on Tumblr. I am also the social media director at my current job.
    So! If I was to participate in this blogging project what would I like to write about? Well, see the list above. I also enjoy writing about people who are, well, nerdy. If someone is passionate about something I think they are inherently interesting- regardless of what their passion is. I’d love to interview amateur, or professional, cosplayers; artists and vendors who travel the con circuit; and so on. I also write about literature and trying to be a nerdy dad. I tend to get deep into topics, unpacking symbolism that may or may not exist. I majored in English Literature so my discussions on, say, Pokemon may or may not include post-colonial interpretations- seriously look at it. It’s totally there. I’ve also been a professional writer for more than a decade so my words are mostly good.
    So let’s do this.

  6. Sam Schofield says:

    I am the sole writer for and, if you haven’t guessed, I write about local burger places. How does that relate to Comic Con? First of all, its author (that’s me) LOVES comic con and is currently working on a Tick costume for September and have already let my readers know that I would keep them posted on my efforts. I write about burgers, yes, but I also write about other ‘guy’ stuff. Plus, comic con serve food, I could even review the food venders at comic con for you in addition to my Tick project. My sole advertising is done through Facebook and a little twitter. I would love to have a temporary relationship where we both benefit. Let me know what you think, thanks!

  7. Mike Morgan says:

    Good morning.
    I personally would like to write about the cosplay and/or the families that are passionate about their geekery. These are both things that are near and dear to me as I like the costumes and am working on having as geeky of a family as I can.

    In a slightly more serious vein I would probably talk about sexism, racism and how exclusion tends to hurt everyone.

    I can also write comic, movie or game reviews as I did for several years on (the now defunct)

  8. Jason Hamilton says:

    My website is a great fan website focusing on the major fandoms. It especially focuses on shared universes, with a lot of viewing/reading order lists, such as the following:

    I could write on any fandom that is part of a shared universe. I also have other bloggers on the site who could write about anime, video games, or several other subjects. Basically, if it’s nerdy, we can write about it.

    I am very active on Facebook/Twitter. I’m a podcaster, so I have a significant nerd following, especially on my Twitter account

  9. Daniel Burton says:

    We writer about books, especially science fiction and fantasy, for adults, teens, and children. We’d be very interested in helping Comic Con in any way to promote the authors that attend. We attended both Comic Con last September and the FanX earlier this year, and we’re very supportive of what you’re doing.

  10. Stacie S-H says:

    I am interested! I’ve been to Comic Con once in Utah and once in San Diego. If you need help getting the word out about anything, let me know. I have a few blogs I could post on, depending what you need.

  11. Ashley Bond says:

    I currently have a few websites up and running, although none are popular at the moment. The best one is an online portfolio I have created to highlight my skills and experience as a classroom teacher. I also have a few blogs going. One is dedicated to history, which is a passion of mine. As an educator it is my goal to bring history and the modern interests of today’s students together into one amazing experience. My other blog, which is not yet up and running is going to be a recipe blog for parents of children with food allergies. I have several recipes in the works and plan to make my debut post before the end of the month. I plan on promoting this blog through facebook and pintrest. I would like to write about Comicon from an educational standpoint. I would focus on popular literature, as well as the social and economic issues that are addressed in science fiction/ fantasy stories (i.e. Star Trek addresses racism and economic equality in many of its episodes, as well as makes ties to history). My overall goal would be to show what we as a society can learn from science fiction/ fantasy, but to also make ties to the education of our children in schools and how it can be enhanced through the science fiction experience, including Comicon.

  12. Cimrin says:

    I am new to blogging but I would love the opportunity to go to such a wonderful place and blog about it. I need something great to get new views on my blog and I think that this would be perfect for that. I love cosplay and costumes. They are my life. Along with anything like that. I love to watch many Marvel and DC shows. I love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more.

  13. Jayce says:

    could you guys make it so it doen;&#39st ask over and over and over if I want to change my language settings?! It's freaking annoying. Just cause I live in sweden doesn't mean I want swedish as the language on youtube, and when I set that I want english I keep getting that box asking me to change to swedish. Please, take away this feature it's really annoying, if I have chosen one language why can't you accept that I want that one?

  14. Laena Brandenburg says:

    Hi Jayce, what page are you getting that message on? That most likely is the setting in your browser?

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