Hundreds of celebrity guests have attended Salt Lake Comic Con events, including film and TV stars, comic creators, artists, authors, and professional cosplayers. Celebrity Photo Ops and Autographs are often the best way to enjoy one-on-one time with the stars.

Visit Celebrity Row for a chance to meet your favorite Celebrity Guest and to get an 8″ x 10″ photograph or item* autographed. Most celebrities will take photos at their booth for a small fee as well. *Note: There might be an additional charge for items. Some Celebrity Guests may require a Premium Autograph fee, as opposed to the General Autograph fee.

FanX™ 2017

Celebrity Autographs

FanX™ 2017

VIP & Gold Autograph Vouchers

Round I Now Open- More Autograph Choices Coming Soon.

VIP/Gold Autograph Voucher Redemption Instructions

  1. VIP/Gold Autograph Voucher must be redeemed online by March 16, 2017 at 11:59PM.
  2. Bring your printed QR code issued by Growtix or registered wristband to Autograph redemption booth located in Celebrity Row.
  3. Autograph redemption booth will scan your printed QR code or registered wristband and give you a preselected 8×10 photo.

Autograph Vouchers are included with VIP and Gold Passes.  Buy or Upgrade to a VIP or Gold Pass now!!

See our FAQ below for more information.

FanX™ 2017

VIP & Gold Autograph Vouchers FAQ

Our Autograph Vouchers will give YOU the best celebrity fanxperience for your dollar. The Autograph Xperiences to choose from would normally cost $20-$50, making this our best value ever. No other purchase is required.

Which celebrity can I use my VIP/Gold Autograph(s) towards?

There will be a list of up to ten celebrities that you may choose from. We will be announcing the list of celebrity guests in Rounds. Watch our official social media channels, Celebrity Guest Facebook event pages, and newsletters for updates.

Round One Guests*
Adrienne Wilkinson
Amy Gumenick
Brian Krause
Sam Jones
Jess Harnell

*More guests to be announced.

Will there be a voucher in the mail?  How do we receive them?

No, you will not receive your Autograph Voucher in the mail. It is a digital voucher connected to your Growtix account. VIP Passes will receive two Autograph Vouchers and Gold Passes receive one Autograph Voucher.

How do I use my VIP/Gold Autograph Voucher?

Find your confirmation email from your Growtix order to access your account. Then, go to the Growtix confirmation and click on the green button that says, “Upgrade”. Follow the instructions on the next page to select the Autograph Xperience you want to exchange your voucher for.

What is the deadline to redeem the VIP/Gold Autograph Vouchers?

Your Autograph Voucher(s) included with your Gold/VIP purchase must be redeemed by Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 11:59pm (MST). You may not redeem your VIP/Gold Autograph(s) at the event.

When can I use my VIP/Gold Autograph Voucher?

VIP/Gold Autograph Vouchers for Round One guests will be activated on Friday, February 10 at Noon (MST).

What can I get autographed?

All VIP/Gold Autograph Xperiences are Standard Autographs, which includes a celebrity autograph on a 8×10 photo. This photo will be a preselected, event-exclusive image to commemorate your fanxperience!

Will celebrities on the Autograph Xperiences list sell out?

Yes, it’s possible. All VIP/Gold Autograph Xperiences are subject to availability.

I used my VIP/Gold Autograph Voucher, but now wish I could use it toward another Autograph Xperience guest. Will I be able to swap it?

Yes, but all exchanges (swaps) are subject to availability. Swaps will be available until Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 11:59pm (MST).

I don’t want an Autograph. Can I use it toward a Photo Op instead?

Yes! You can use your Autograph Voucher for $10 off any Photo Op.

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