April Fool’s Letter from Dan Farr

Hi everyone,

This is Dan Farr, the founder and producer of Salt Lake Comic Con. I wanted to personally address yesterday’s guest announcements. Everyone enjoys a good April Fool’s joke, especially our Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder, Bryan Brandenburg. We announced some guests yesterday that everyone is really excited about but unfortunately were not serious announcements. We apologize if we got your hopes up.

We regret to announce that there will be no Jar Jar at this time. We’ve been huge fans of his work, but as he doesn’t actually exist, we can’t buy him a plane ticket. We would love to have Nick Cage, but this was tomfoolery. He’s far too busy making new memes to attend in September. And as for Ian Somerhalder, well, you can probably guess.

…That he is actually coming. And so is Alex Kingston, Scott Wilson, Austin St. John and Joel Hodgson. You’ll be able to meet all these stars and MORE at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015, taking place Sept. 24-26. You can get tickets now for 15% off through the end of April.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ Day fun. We’ll keep the guest announcements coming over the next few months, but this time with no fooling.

Check the real master guest schedule here.

See you in September,

Dan Farr

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