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Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con LogoSalt Lake Comic Con 2013 on September 5-7, 2013 was a record breaking event:

  • In Utah, the previous largest convention in the state’s history was 27,000. Our first year Comic Con was attended by over 72,000 people.
  • It was also the largest first year Comic Con in North American history
  • We SOLD OUT with over 50,000 tickets.


Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperienceSalt Lake Comic Con FanX 2014 on April 17-19, 2014 was another record breaking event:

  • We broke our own record for the largest convention ever to be held in the state of Utah
  • We were the third largest Comic Con in the United States
  • We were the largest Comic Con in North America per capita
  • VIP Tickets for the event were SOLD OUT



Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, the second Salt Lake Comic Con event in 2014, took place on September 4–6, 2014. The event was sold out with over 120,000 attendees and was closed down on several occasions by the fire marshall for safety reasons. Salt Lake Comic Con broke its own record as the best-attended convention in Utah and the largest per-capita comic con in North America. Special guests included Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy (via Skype), Stephen Amell, Manu Bennett, John Barrowman, Ron Perlman, Bruce Campbell, Alan Tudyk, Eliza Dushku, Simon Helberg, Lou Ferrigno, Barbara Eden, Danny Glover, Jon Heder and over 100 other guests. Stan Lee declared that Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 “the greatest comic con in the world”!

Meet the Salt Lake Comic Con Team!

Dan Farr

Producer and Founder

Bryan Brandenburg

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Randall Lloyd

Creative Director

Blake Casselman

Director of Programming & Film Festival Director

Kate Shoening

Director of Operations

Jarrod Phillips

Director of Business Development

Heidi Dunfield

Director of Events

Nick Dianatkhah

Volunteer Director

Tamara Elsberry

Special Guest Services

Ryan Call

Asst. Director of Programming

Danielle Chard

Marketing Manager

Manda Bull

Social Media Manager

Kade Herbert

Web Administrator

Dave Styer

Graphic Designer

Laena Brandenburg

Customer Experience & Media Team Manager

Corinne Timmins

Customer Experience Facilitator

Tina Cochran

Uber Facilitator

Tiffany Holmes

Executive Assistant

James Howard

Kid Con Producer

Hraefn Wulfson

Film Festival Asst. Director

Jennifer McGrew

Cosplay Producer

Emily and David Farr

Special Guest Coordinators

Aimee Gertsch

Media Coverage Correspondent

Kadee Duclos

Exhibit Hall Event Director

Jeremy Kartchner

Public Relations

Virginia Rush

Program Guide Editor

Johnny Sloan

VP of Digital - MediaOne

LeGrande Jolley

Dir. of Digital Product - MediaOne

Aaron Christensen

In-House Correspondent

Farris Gerard

Head Photographer

Salt Lake Comic Con is a Dan Farr Production and is produced in partnership with MediaOne of Utah, a joint operating agreement between The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News and ABC4 / CW30.