Clues for the 5th Annual
Cosplay Games

Participate in our 5th Annual Cosplay Games photo scavenger hunt for chances to win passes to Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 on Friday, August 25, 2017! Check in at The Leonardo starting at 6:30pm to get started, then also end there to claim your prizes by 9:00pm. Good Luck! 

See the official Clues below:

Clue #1:
You are invited to an epic event at this Palace on September 21-23.  

Clue #2:
A Modern place to get a drink, but perhaps not for Families, “X” marks the spot!

Clue #3:
Visual Clue: In awe of the Olde Masters

Clue #4
Please don’t “heccle” the actors at this downtown venue!

Clue #5
Find the woman with the burning heart… then get some new kicks at this local boutique!

Clue #6
Spot these Public Safety-minded Thermians at a Silver Ball. Don’t tell them it’s not a beryllium sphere!

Clue #7
In this park, you’ll find Stranger Things like Joseph Smith as a Sphinx! Will you make it to The Upside Down?

Clue #8
A stay at this grand hotel, where everyone feels like a movie star.  

Clue #9
Dance the night away under this starry SKY! It’s where you can walk the red carpet like the VIP at the 2017 Comic Con Bash!

Clue #10
Visual Clue: The family that plays together…