10 Last Minute April Fools Day Pranks

10 Last Minute April Fools Day Pranks

by Manda Bull

There’s still time to fool your friends, family, and co-workers with a classic April Fools Day prank. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Chewbacca Roaring Contest. Post these flyers around your office or school to fill your voicemail (or an enemy’s) with everyone’s best Chewbacca impressions. (source)




2. The ol’ Zombie in the Toilet. Someone still reeling from The Walking Dead finale? Give them a little fright by printing out a zombie face, and tape under the toilet seat. (source)

zombie toilet











3. Trick or Treat. Combine Skittles, M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces in a bowl. Sit back and laugh. (source)

trick candy












4. My mouse isn’t working! Tape a piece of paper, or even just a Post-It to the bottom a person’s mouse. Top it off with a note. (source)

mouse isn't working










5. Googly Eye it! A pack of googly eyes from the craft store will go long way. Place them on objects, or even on the shower walls for that “someone is watching me” feel.

googly who












6. Donut Box or Pizza Box prank. No one can resist either treat! Get an empty box, and fill it with whatever you desire… Dirt! Mattress Foam! Spiders! Up to you!

dunkin donuts box








7. Clown under the Bed. Maybe you’ve been trying out your clown cosplay for FanX, and you just happen to be under the bed, in the closet, or behind the shower curtain. With a little patience, you’ll get your reward. (source)

clown under bed











8. Confetti (Glitter) Car Bomb. Once you have confetti/glitter, insert a bit into the defrost of your victim’s car. Once they turn on their car… surprise! (source)

confetti car prank










9. Dig in to a Mayonnaise Lunch. Get a empty, clean mayonnaise container, and fill it with vanilla pudding. Now jump on public transit, or get to a mall food court. Don’t forget your giant spoon! (source)









10. Blue Screen of Death. Want an extreme freak out? Just change your victim’s desktop background with an error screenshot. (source)

blue screen









Happy April Fools Day, you fools!

mr. t

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