Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Star Wars IV, V, VI, VII and VIII and Batman: The Animated Series

William Shatner

Star Trek, Boston Legal, TJ Hooker
Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen

X-MEN, GoldenEye, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
John Cena

John Cena

WWE TV Movies and Video Games, Avengers Acadamy Video Game, The Marine
Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell

Arrow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries, Lost, Smallville

Michael Rooker

The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, Call of Duty

Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries, Fallen
Robert Englund

Robert Englund

Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare of Elmstreet, Fear Clinic, The Spectacular Spiderman
Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch

Harry Potter Film Series
Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn
Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill

Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow
Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy

Arrow & The Flash, Melrose Place, Supernatural, Gossip Girl
Billy Boyd

Billy Boyd

Lord of the Rings
Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland
Manu Bennett

Manu Bennett

The Hobbit Trilogy, Arrow, Spartacus, Shannara
Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno

The Incredible Hulk, King of Queens, The Avengers
New This Week
David Ramsey

David Ramsey

Arrow,  Dexter

Sean Maher

Firefly/Serenity, Arrow, Nightwing
Ruth Connell

Ruth Connell

Supernatural, Disney Infinity, Sophia the First
Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver

Supernatural, Deadwood, Crimson Peak, Justified

Lennie James

The Walking Dead, Jericho, Critical

Seth Gilliam

The Walking Dead, The Wire, Teen Wolf

Henry Winkler

Happy Days, Arrested Development, Parks & Rec
Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre

Spartacus, The Flash, Gears of War 4
Emma Caulfield

Emma Caulfield

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon a Time
Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds
Tahmoh Penikett

Tahmoh Penikett

Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, Continuum, Supernatural
Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard

John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach
Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
Osric Chau

Osric Chau

Supernatural,  Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, The 100
Todd Haberkorn

Todd Haberkorn

Star Trek Continues, Prolific Anime Voice Actor
New This Week
Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham

Justice League Animated Films,  Once Upon A Time, Ugly Betty

Troy Baker

Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins, BioShock Infinite
Jeremy Shada

Jeremy Shada

 Adventure Time,  Voltron: Legendary Defender,  LOST 
Steve Blum

Steve Blum

Voice Actor: Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars: Rebels, Call of Duty
Fred Tatasciore

Fred Tatasciore

Voice Actor: ‘Hulk’, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Star Wars Rebels, Naruto
Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Voice Actor: Futurama, Static Shock, Samurai Jack, Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell

Voice Actor: Animaniacs, Transformers, Doc McStuffins, Crash Bandicoot
Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna

Star Trek Continues, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball Z
James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Voice Actor: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rachet & Clank, Final Fantasy X

Jeremy Bulloch

Star Wars Original Trilogy, Doctor Who
Comic Book Me

Comic Book Men

Michael Zapcic, Bryan Johnson, Ming Chen

Comic Creators & Artists

New This Week
Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson

Artist/ Illustrator for DC and Marvel Comics
Rob Prior

Rob Prior

Artist for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ghost Rider and The Darkness Video Games

Chad Hardin

Harley Quinn, The Traveler, Warlord, Zatanna

Bill Galvan

Archie Comics, Marvel Comics, Bongo Comics

Elizabeth Breitweiser

Outcast, Criminal, Velvet

Eric Basaldua

Top Cow Publishing, Hunter-Killer, Witchblade

Ethen Beavers

Star Wars, Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10

JJ Harrison

Adventure Time paintings, Cartoon Network, Disney, WB, Mondo

Joel Gomez

Flashpoint: Reverse Flash, Batman, Gears of War, Authority: The Lost Year

JP Roth

Writer/Artist for Ancient Dreams, Grimm Fairy Tales, Kiss

Matt Banning

Top Cow, Marvel (New Avengers, Thor), DC Comics (Justice League, Green Lantern, Superman/Batman)

Matt Haley

Gotham Stories, Wonder Woman ’77, Art Director for TV Industry

Mitch Breitweiser

Captain America, Fantastic Four, Drax

Robert Bailey

Licensed Artist for Star Wars, Disney, Marvel

Steve Lieber

Whiteout, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Eisner Award Nominee

Tony Fleecs

My Little Pony, In My Lifetime, Wonderlost

Tyler Kirkham

The Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic 4, Deathstroke
Phillip S Tan

Philip S. Tan

Artist for Spawn, Uncanny X-men, Iron Man
Robert Bruno

Robert Bruno

Illustrator for Lucasfilm, Marvel, 21st Century Fox
James A . Owen

James A. Owen

Illustrator for StarChild, MythWorld, The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica
Chris Hoffman

Chris Hoffman

Banana Panic! and Utah’s Most Awesomest Heroes: The Salt City Strangers.


Laurel K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton

Author of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, Merry Gentry series

Brandon Mull

Author of the Fablehaven series, Beyonders series
David Farland

David Farland

Author of the Runelords series, Nightingale series, Star Wars novels
Cecil Castellucci

Cecil Castellucci

Author of Star Wars YA Novels
Colleen Houck

Colleen Houck

Author of the Tiger’s Curse series
Gwenda Bond

Gwenda Bond

Author of the Lois Lane series, Cirque American series
Ally Carter

Ally Carter

Author of the Embassy Row series and the Gallagher Girls series
James Dashner

James Dashner

Author of The Maze Runner series
Larry Correia

Larry Correia

Author of the Monster Hunter series

Margaret Stohl

Author of the Beautiful Creatures novels, Black Widow: Forever Red

Richard Paul Evans

Author of the Michael Vey series, The Christmas Box, The Gift
Shannon Hale

Shannon Hale

Author of Austenland, Books of Bayvern series, Princess Academy series
John Dover

John Dover

Creator of Johnny Scotch
M.K. Hutchins

M.K. Hutchins

Author of Drift

Aaron Michael Ritchey

Author of Long Live the Suicide King, The Juniper Wars
Steve Diamond

Steve Diamond

Writer for Ragnarok, Baen, Privateer Press

You Tube

Hillywood Show

The Hillywood Show

Musical Parodies

Studio C

Sketch Comedy

Cosplay & Cospaint

Kamui Cosplay

Kamui Cosplay – Svetlana Quindt

Professional Worbla-Specialist Cosplayer
Kay Pike

Kay Pike

Designer, Artist & Model – Cospaint Specialist
501st Legion - Alpine Garrison

501st Legion – Alpine Garrison

Cosplay Group
Ghostbusters SLC

Ghostbusters SLC

Cosplay Group


Cosplay Group

Kids Heroes Foundation

Cosplay Group
Mandalorian Mercs - Krayt Clan

Mandalorian Mercs – Krayt Clan

Cosplay Group
Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet Cosplay Group

Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet

Cosplay Group
Umbrella Corporation - Utah Hive Cosplay Group

Umbrella Corporation – Utah Hive

Cosplay Group
Utah Browncoats Cosplay Group

Utah Browncoats

Cosplay Group


1967 ChEvy Impala Supernatural

1967 ChEvy Impala

Azog - Life Size Statue The Hobbit Trilogy

Azog – Life Size Statue

The Hobbit Trilogy
Gandalf - Life Size Statue Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies

Gandalf – Life Size Statue

Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies
Gollum - Life Size Statue Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Gollum – Life Size Statue

Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Han Solo in Carbonite Star Wars Original Trilogy

Han Solo in Carbonite

Star Wars Original Trilogy
Jurassic Jeep Jurassic Park series

Jurassic Jeep

Jurassic Park series

Sparrow – Life Sized Replica

Destiny Video Game
Action Figure Photo Op

Action Figure Box

Photo Op

Rocket Raccoon - Life Size Statue Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket Raccoon – Life Size Statue

Guardians of the Galaxy
Silver Surfer - Life Size Statue Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Statue

Silver Surfer – Life Size Statue

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Statue
The TARDIS Doctor Who


Doctor Who
Trolls - Life Size Statue The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Trolls – Life Size Statue

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
General Lee

General Lee

1969 Dodge Charger – Dukes of Hazzard
Speeder Bike - Star Wars

Speeder Bike

Star Wars

What Others Say About Us

Stan Lee

“You people have the greatest comic con in the world.”

Stan LeeFounder of Marvel Comics
Sir Patrick Stewart

“This feels so good….I’m so happy to be back in Salt Lake City.”

Sir Patrick StewartEnglish Film, TV and Stage Actor
Chuck Rozanski

“I cannot remember the last time that I have been in a gigantic convention center with so many enthusiastic fans…My hat is off to Dan Farr, and his great wonderful team, for making this convention such an enjoyable experience for so many people.”

Chuck RozanskiOwner of Mile High Comics
Paul Holbrook

“[Salt Lake Comic Con has] assembled an amazing staff and volunteer pool that is second to none…I have done hundreds of shows collectively and I can tell you that SLCC is one of the best. I was so impressed with what [Salt Lake Comic Con has] built in such a short time…they stack up against any major show!”

Paul HolbrookPresident of MINDstyle International

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